Conference - 2013 - Clean up Océans Green Wave Project . Estonie

Conference - 2013 - Clean up Océans Green Wave Project . Estonie

    Cleaning Fragile Coastline Conference  ESTONIA 

    By   Mr  Rahmani-Meraits Lyes 
    Coastal appointment Engineer (Oceanographer)

                                               Summary of the project

    This event aims to raise community awareness, provide environmental event, to include the authorities, but also perform a professional cleaning, this event have another particularities, we will see in detail in the above.

    So what is a professional cleaning?
    This includes reasoned cleaning of fragile site, it takes into account the ecosystem ... all wastes are not harmful. There is natural waste “algae”, for example, Move a pebble beach is not a good deed this disrupts ecosystem coast etc.
    A professional cleaning must be managed by specialists.

    What are the particularities of this event?
    -          This cleaning takes into consideration the upper beach, the beach and the submarine area.
    -          Environmental workshops are organized on the three zones named, with volunteers.
    -          Civil protection, authorities, and schools teachers are invited to take part.
    -          Working sessions between the different actors before the event gives importance and scope to the event.
    -          Our event must be professional.

    Why this event is professional?
    -          Coordinators of the event are specialists in the environment, the marine environment and professional diving.
    -          This will provide not only awareness but of culture, and professional Information.

    Technical advantages:
    -          It Give us an idea about the state of our site (amount of waste, type of waste found).
    -          Report prepared by specialists for the authorities, on the decisions to be taken on the site (area protected, no building, development proposals etc).
    -          Build lightweight design, some waste reused for landscaping, for example reused tires and put them in high range as flower pots in collaboration with an artist.

    Benefits to the community:
    -          The environmental education and awareness real scientific act with volunteers, children and adults.
    -          An event of entertainment but an effect of education on population.
    -          Course materials and documentation is distributed.
    -          Communication of people with professional (scientific).
    -          One human experience in the world of coast nature.

    External collaborators:

    Communication and sponsoring :
    -          Communication and advertising before the operation is very important, with the construction of posters, advertising in media, invitations etc.
    -          The event must be assisted by local sponsors.

    Conclusion and proposition:
    -          We organized the first in Algeria and we will try to organize the second in Morocco, we believe that this is an international event, which will be able to hit all countries having a coastline.

    -          After some time we can of course build a global map of coastal waste which remains until now impossible to do for specialists.

    -          Awareness of the discharge into the sea, it is a hot topic on our planet
    Our strengths:
    -          Our specialty and our experience in the field of oceanographic and submarine work allow us to clean in all countries.
    We have an international company that offers services in the field (logistics, materials, professional personals etc.)

     We offer to establish a board planning intervention, and working with “let's do it world” managers to carry out the project in each country. Go on this Link  : letsdoitworld

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