The Jump Whaling Secret

The Jump Whaling Secret
    People are  happy to see our famous mammals do bands of tens of meters
    above the surface of the ocean, 40-ton humpback whales made jumps completely
    out of water.
                                         But why are whales jumping out of the water surface?

     To understand this phenomenon, specialists have gone through hundreds of theories for finally in 2016,  a group of Australian behavioralists, have published a study published on the marine journal
     mammals scientific is available in full on this link whale jumping : under the title of (Evidence for the functions of surface-active behaviors in humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae).

    -          This study explains that this jump is a method of communication, an acoustic language creates
     by the crushing of the whale on the water, this behavior was noticed in the migration period,
    the whales are tired and prefer to communicate by jumps than by the usual verbal.
    Because they communicate with distant groups, and acoustics allow them to conserve
     their energies in full migration.

    -          Another secret recounted by the biologist "Ailbhe Kavanagh" explains that they use potentially
    behavior when background noise levels are high, the acoustic signal travels better than
     the vocal signal, so they prefer to jump that emit intense voices.
    Now! you known why the whales are jumping and the mystery is almost completely solved,
     you will probably understand that whales do not jump to say hello, but simply, she communicates with his own.

    In this article you'll notice that the whale jumps too because the background noise is high,
    that said the noise pollution involves the jump.

    So as an environmentalist I advise people who watch the jump whaling live to cut
     the engines of their boats, and to be discreet, because she is already too tired, and in full migration.
    So if we go even further in thinking, and taking into account the study quoted above, we will
     understand that noise pollution is small, influences whale migration, and their complex communication, which allows them to situate themselves, to communicate, to seek the partners, thus the mating and until one reaches the balance of their lives.

    I hope we could elucidate a secret of its ocean giants, and again an anthropogenic footprint

     harmful for the balance of the life of the whales and therefore of the planet.

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