The most beautiful beach in the world 2019

The most beautiful beach in the world 2019
    The most beautiful beach in the world 2019
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    Published 11/07/2019

    Every summer, a controversy and a wide media coverage starts to choose the best, and the most beautiful beach in the world, a game that this book tourist countries, to attract more tourists.

    As far as we are concerned, we do not have the same criteria of choice as the companies and the heavy media.

    We have, according to a European survey chosen among the 10 most beautiful beaches of the world in 2019, only one, and we also wanted to explain the functioning of this beach and to answer a question on the color of the sand, the water etc.

    We want to build a smart tourism, and take advantage of the tourist influx for awareness of the protection of beaches and coastline.

     Beach 2019 is Varadeo Beach which is located in (Cuba).

    Varadero is located on the Hicacos Peninsula, 140 kilometers east of Havana. The peninsula is only 1,200 meters at its widest point and is separated from the island of Cuba by the Kawama Canal. It is connected to the island by a rocking bridge. This piece of land extends from the island to the northeast, and its tip, Punta Hicacos, is the northernmost point of the island of Cuba and the closest to the United States. At the northern tip of the peninsula is a nature reserve with pristine forests and beaches.
    Source: wikipedia

    But why is the sand white?

    After sedimentological studies, and microscopic samples of the white beaches, we noticed that they consist of fossil corals and sea urchin spines, the friction of its elements would lead to give a white color to the sand, however recently, we could understand that the white sand came more precisely parrot fish and their excrement.

    Ok, but the water of this beach why is it so blue?

    The sea is blue or less blue, for the depth and the quality of the water, it is two criteria controls the brightness and the clarity of the water, on the Cuban beach there is not much depth, therefore the light is completely absorbed and the spectrum of the colors is wider, The red waves and the yellow waves are absorbed first, and disappear in the first meters of depth. If they do not touch the bottom, they will not be reflected, and will not appear in The color that we see.

    On the other hand, when there is little depth, the water is transparent, without being especially blue: the spectrum of the colors is wider, Add to the quality of the waters (pollution - minimal) gives this magnificent lusterance.

    Now you know the most beautiful beach in the world, but not only!
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