Who is the largest animal in the oceans?

Who is the largest animal in the oceans?
    Who is the largest animal in the oceans?

    The largest animal and the longest known to date by most humans, and present on all languages ​​is the blue whale, 33 meters in length, a gigantic animal known and studied by specialists, although it keeps mysterious areas in his behaviors so far.

    Well, SURPRISE, she is ranked second in the order of magnitude, this mysterious animal exceeds our blue whale by a few meters, and is much more impressive, it is a MEDUSE, it can reach 37 meters as entered on Wikipedia.

    Neither the Giant Squid nor the whales arrive at its size, and yet in our minds the largest animal of the oceans is the blue whale.

    The medusa in question is called "The lion-maned jellyfish" its scientific name is

                     "Cyanea capillata"
     The Lion Mane Jellyfish is one of the largest jellyfish in the world. Its diameter varies
    from 50 cm to 2 m, and its tentacles can measure 30 m long (the largest known specimen measured 2.4 m in diameter and 36.5 m long) and reach the number of 800. Its color changes according to the age: pink or yellow for young, orange, red and brown when they are old.

       Source: Wikepedia
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