Where is Greta Thunberg ?

Where is Greta Thunberg ?
    The flower that hides the forest

    With all the problems that the planet encounters every minute, excessive fishing, industrial effluents, exploitation of the oil underwater, enrichment of uranium and the rejections resulting from it, exploitation of the forests wrongly and through, the exploitation of the mines without environmental impact study, and the list goes on.
    Ah I forgot, one of the largest information and computer companies, is already embarking on the installation of submarine servers for the installation of the famous Cloud.
    And the list is long.

    "This article does not want to incriminate anyone, especially not to doubt the good will of a young child full of resources and energies, but I want to clarify the situation. "

    After all that, the best way to protect the environment is to attack the problems at the bottom, and that everyone knows, especially the oligarchy that does not lack intelligence, far from it.

    After the anger felt on both sides of the planet, it was enough to make decisions, and to meet in a smoking room to reflect on the fate of humanity, instead (so-called common sense solutions and logic) for example, to meet as scientists of the world and bring out a number of restrictions, to restore order on the planet), but tell me that this is utopian, because they know at the beginning that the smoker will not hang anything, and that the world system will not collapse because of the protection of the environment, in the face of this impasse, we chose to respond to the ambient pressure by an exhaust valve.

    A well-performing play, share emotions with the immobile human majority, who needs love, hope, and attention.
    To divert the attention of the problems of the planet quoting above by selling an image, an image which will make us waste time, for the solutions which wait in the drawers of the world institutions

    Let's talk about his solutions!
    Studies conducted by several passionate scientists, technicians since the 2000s are countless in number and quality, of different nationalities, and in several areas in the protection of the environment, but for now his studies are in the drawers, Why ?

    Simply because its solutions are incompatible with the current interests of states, if you market the electric car and you help development and research in this direction, you will kill the oil market.
    Citing another example, if you tackle the problem of industrial waste, you will touch the exploitation, so the stock market so the balance supported by precisely the people behind GRETHA, they instrumentalize a media image to deflect the problem to the source.

    A little retrospective!
    Do you hold on, do you know Miss SUZUKI?
    She is an activist and writer who has been talking about social justice and the environment since
    his childhood. At the age of 9, she launched the Environmental Child Organization
    (ECO) with a group of friends determined to learn and teach others
    environmental issues. In 1992, with ECO, Severn participated in the Summit of the
    Rio de Janeiro, where, at the age of twelve, she made a powerful speech that held back
    the attention of the whole world.

    Suzuki - Is Gretha the same director ?? because since Suzuki's speech, things are getting worse ..

     Concretely, instead of taking the problem and the solver, by turning it into emotions, we want to build a green generation, and that GRETHA will inspire the new generation.

    Gretha needs to live on a healthy planet, and it is possible now, we do not need an empty advertising campaign to raise awareness, it was enough to solve the problem of ocean bins by sponsoring one of the machines we see scrolling on our pages ... and the turn would be widely played by making the patent processors famous, they are in a good position to build them a companion pub.

    I really want to shout loudly "free GRETHA" let her live her childhood.
    As a well-known journalist says, "smoke tea and stay awake, the nightmare continues"
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