What is recycling ?

What is recycling ?
    What is recycling ?

    Recycling is a process of treating waste and reintroducing its materials into a new life cycle. One of the best-known examples of this process is the manufacture of glass bottles using used bottles. Glass is infinitely recyclable.
    Recycling has two major ecological consequences : the reduction of the volume of waste, and thus the limitation of the pollution that it would cause (some materials take decades or even centuries to degrade) and the preservation of natural resources, because the recycled material is used instead of the one that should have been extracted.

    What is a recycling industry?

    A recycling process involves isolating specific materials in order to control the waste stream to be treated. In the canton of Geneva, eleven industries are represented by recycling professionals : glass, paper-cardboard, PET, aluminium-tin, electronics, metals, plastics, green waste and wood, rubble, construction waste and special waste.

    There is a second life and energy in all our waste !
    "Consumption is growing, but thanks to the use of materials, the waste recycling industry provides industry and all trades with Re-employment opportunities that can replace the raw materials that will be lacking. »
    Jean-Paul Humair, president of the recyclers of Geneva

    Recycling without sorting waste is an ocean without water !

    Yes, it is good, of course , but before thinking about recycling, we should at all costs insert the culture of waste sorting into everyday life, without waste sorting, recycling remains a utopia, and a project without a future, and not sustainable.

    A new life in materials !

    "Urban mining" is a concept that aims to identify all of the waste in our primary environment as a potential source of recovered materials.
    All elements and components from our daily mine can be transformed into raw materials, reusable materials, or energy.
    These urban sites are permanently located in the canton of Geneva. They enable us to extract from our waste the raw materials essential for the manufacture of tomorrow's equipment.

    For more information please refer to :  http://www.lesrecycleurs.ch/fr/filieres

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