Pollution reaches intelligence?

Pollution reaches intelligence?

    Pollution reaches intelligence? how to cure it? can plant intelligence replace it?

    Well beware, air pollution reaches human intelligence

    The Chinese study reinforces the studies already carried out on the different impacts of air pollution. Exceeding, for years, the limits imposed by the World Health Organization in terms of pollution levels therefore contributes to deteriorating global health.

    Source: http://www.consofutur.com/

    While 95% of the world's population breathes air deemed toxic, responsible each year for seven million premature deaths, it has indeed been proven that peaks in air pollution lead to a drastic drop in their language test results and arithmetic, and more generally their ability to understand problems.

    Thus, the more the air is vitiated, the more the cognitive faculties decrease: this is the finding of this study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, conducted on a sample of 20,000 Chinese between 2010 and 2014.

    The solution as an environmentalist to be studied in a green cafe, how to mitigate air pollution in urban areas?

    The alarming results, the technical inspections of cars, the intelligent layout of boulevards and roads, yes all of this already exists, but after reflection and analysis, the report is still just as terrible.

    Environmentalists, landscapers, enthusiasts and researchers have been able to develop an idea: which is the use of de-polluting plants.

    How? 'Or' What ?

    The study of atmospheric pollution and the various analyzes, gives us an idea on the distribution of pollution rates and their natures.

    Studies have shown the capacity of plants to suck in specific pollution elements.

    On the roads, where there is a presence accentuate automobile gas plants can reduce its gas, and this is valid for any other pollution (industrial - humidity - etc.)

    Even on the coast a good balance can only be ensured by halophyte plants, to play the role of vacuum cleaners of humidity and pollution.

    In this case, we can replace human intelligence with plant intelligence!

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