Secret life of sea horse " Hippocampus"

Secret life of sea horse " Hippocampus"

    The sea horse, one of the most mysterious animals in the oceans

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    Terminology and definition:

    In medicine :

    the hippocampus describes an even structure of the limbic system, located in the medial face of the temporal lobe. Its shape reminiscent of the marine animal is at the origin of its name.

    The hippocampus is known to play a key role in the process of memorizing long-term memories and in declarative memory: the memory of facts and events. For example, during a party with friends, sensory perceptions (visual, auditory ...) send information to the sensory cortex. Cortical neurons distribute nerve impulses in other networks, including the hippocampus: sensory perception becomes a memory, which will be mobilized when the same cortical neurons are stimulated. The hippocampus is therefore involved in episodic memory, which makes it possible to remember an event years later.

    In zoology:

    the seahorse is a fish of the genus Hippocampus whose original morphology recalls that of a horse, hence its name coming from the Greek hippos, horse. The seahorse stands vertically, its fins are reduced and its tail allows it to attach.

    In seahorses, males have an incubation pocket in which females lay their eggs. The male keeps the fertilized eggs in his pocket until they hatch.
    Source: Futura sciences: https://www.futura-sciences.com/

    In medicine the hippocampus is involved in memory, even if it is an organ to be called following resemblance, resemblance in its conditions cannot be accidental.

    In zoology, the seahorse is a success in the paternity field, where they take care of brooding and giving birth to the seahorses babies.

    In Greek mythology:

    Described as the sea horses, where they usually live, two or four of them pull the chariot of Poseidon.

    This mythical creature, Seahorses (Hippocampus), from the Greek, híppos, "horse" and from, kámpos, "sea fish", more colloquially called sea horses, are a genus of ray-finned fish from the family Syngnathidae. About fifty species are distributed in temperate and tropical waters all over the world. Like many fish, they suffer from habitat destruction and overfishing linked to poaching.



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