After coronavirus, Covid-19, The green vaccine?

After coronavirus, Covid-19, The green vaccine?

    After this experience, how can we learn from this pandemic, from this black cloud that haunts us, hope remains, but if we try to think of the post pandemic, the post coronavirus, in the field of environment, of protection of the planet and human beings, what can we conclude from this? , or rather what can we take as decisions?

    After the changes in greenhouse gas emission rates, and the falling rates of nitrogen oxide in the air, we can imagine that if the confinement continues, the planet will react differently, 


    There will surely be, as we can already see, here and there, new species that will reconquer the cities (birds - insects - cats - etc). In the forests, one can already imagine the effect of silence, air quality and anthropogenic absence, on the exponential development of greenery and animal species.

    In the oceans, I imagine the cries of joy of the whales, which were often obliged to take risks, and to go deep, not to hear the sounds of the engines of the boats, the belugas which were often disturbed by the sinners from the Antarctic, and the noises, and the din of planes, without counting porpoises, dolphins, seals, a completely out of whack biocenosis because of the completely anarchic anthropic effect on the balance of the planet.

    In the sky, I imagine the migrations of birds which resume their course, more planes the sky is back to us again.

    We will also have understood that COPs, gretha, protest marches,
     abstract actions for the environment will have served absolutely nothing!
    They took us a microscopic Virus to understand or be forced to understand, 
    that a day without a car without (global) transport is compulsory, 
    we will have understood that it is urgent to constitute a global 
    crisis cell (of scientists and wise men, to think seriously about the actions 
    µto take for the planet (far from politics, and fashion,
    as is the case in the famous conferences, 
    where there is more pollution than anti-pollution thinking).
    far from politics, far from shenanigans and plots, the hour is serious, 
    a Virus showing us that our global system is fragile full of people, not in their 
     skills to leave, the law of the strongest, eh well, in critical moments, 
    we only find the competent people who were buried under the system.
    In short, after Coronavirus, we should sincerely look into global 
    environmental policy,   and give back to Caesar what is Caesar!
    and finally discover the vaccine for the planet, the green vaccine!

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