Coronavirus COVID-19 Dolphins return to venice italy

 Coronavirus COVID-19 Dolphins return to venice italy

    Dolphins in Sardinia, fish in Venice, birds in Paris ... And
    dolphin in Venice after 60 years of absence.

    Confinement marks the return of different animal species to areas usually occupied and polluted by humans.

     Despite the dramatic health situation, this slowdown in human activities could be a boon for the environment.

    Wherever men have stopped their activities, nature invites itself. In China, as in northern Italy, the level of suffocating nitrogen dioxide is in free fall.

    The mechanical cacophony of roaring engines has given way to the spring whispers of birds in Parisian boulevards.
    In New York or San Francisco, the air already seems to be breathable again. Dirty air causes serious lung and heart damage worldwide every year, causing the premature death of more than 8 million people.

    The coronavirus will kill humans by the thousands, but the regained purity of the air, even episodic, could save thousands more ... if we manage to learn from this health catastrophe.

    Practically in all the metropolises of the world, we are witnessing a stop or a slowing down of noise pollution, emissions, overuse, etc., meanwhile nature regrows, takes up again, takes up its space, breathes.

    I chose a testimony from an Italian who kindly shared with us the photo of a dolphin in Venice, according to behavioral studies, the dolphin was absent 60 years from the waters of Venice, it reappears during the coronavirus.

    In addition the waters of the Venice canal are more and more clear as shown in this photo below:

    A photo that compares the waters of Venice in 2019 and those after confinement are incredible,
     the waters have become downright clear, limpid.
    Environmentalists' dream comes true at the cost of a nightmare for humanity
    The next day, our governments will have to take note of this psychological cataclysm on men:
     we naively thought that the great pandemics would remain forever trapped in the books of History.
    The Coronavirus is barely entering our lives, but as soon as it comes out, 
    we may have to sacrifice some material comfort to continue to marvel at the benefits of nature found.
    How to enjoy the comfort that modern life, by definition polluting,
     brings us and the return of nature to the city? 
    If the dream of environmentalists is realized, it is at the cost of a nightmare for humanity.
    Many challenges, economic, industrial, societal, await us. Among them, the search for a win-win relationship between man and nature
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