coronavirus COVID-19 will heal the planet

coronavirus COVID-19 will heal the planet

    With containment measures taken worldwide, nitrogen dioxide concentrations have declined, particularly in Italy and China. In France, some say they are surprised to hear more birdsong in town. 

    On Tuesday March 17, European Copernicus reported that nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the northern regions of Italy have been reduced due to coronavirus. NO2 shows a trend towards a gradual reduction of around 10% per week over the past four to five weeks, according to satellite reports, Copernicus said in a statement.

    A map published by the European Space Agency (ESA) also shows a marked reduction in a red spot above the Po Valley and in northern Italy between January and March 10.

    After the cessation of part of the Chinese economic activity which had led to the reduction of air pollution, it is the turn of Europe, and more particularly in Italy, that the levels of pollution decrease significantly.

    When commuting (home <-> work) and economic activity stop, it's a breath of fresh air for the atmosphere.

    This is the consequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic which is literally paralyzing Europe.

    In China, and in Europe, there is a logical drop in pollution following the cessation of all the causes of pollution on land, train, plane, automobile, therefore all types of emissions, and all types of toxic gases.

    - New birds have been heard in the cities
    - In the ocean, we have no proof but I am sure that cetaceans feel better (due to the absence of noise and therefore noise pollution is reduced)
    - We even think as an environmentalist, that natural phenomena paralyzed until now by anthropogenic impact, can take shape! and come back to life!

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