Coronavirus news : viruses boost by environnement destruction

Coronavirus news : viruses boost by environnement destruction
    Emerging zoonoses, such as Covid-19, have been around for a long time and are expected to multiply in the coming years. According to scientists, human activities and their impact on previously preserved ecosystems are the cause.

    Ebola, Covid-19, AIDS, all these viral diseases thrived in animals before crossing the species barrier, sometimes several times, and infecting humans. Regularly, zoonoses emerge from biodiversity hotspots.

    A decade ago, it was thought that pristine and intact tropical forests posed a threat to human health, because of all the exotic species that lived there.

    But recent research proves just the opposite. It is the alteration of ecosystems by human activity that makes biodiversity hotspots dangerous, not just their presence. The construction of roads through the tropical forest or the splitting of ecosystems to install cities or fields there create the ideal conditions for the emergence of new diseases such as Covid-19. And it is not about to stop.

    "There is a misunderstanding among scientists and the public that natural ecosystems are a source 
    of threat to us. Nature contains threats, it is true, but it is human activities that cause damage. 
    The health risk in a natural environment can be aggravated when one interferes 
    with it, ”explains Richard Osfeld, emeritus scientist of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
     in New York in an article published on the Ensia site.
    Scientists "virus hunters" have alerted for more than ten years to the emergence of new diseases 
    linked to deforestation. Malaria, Ebola, Covid-19…. 
    Human aggression on ecosystems ends up endangering human lives.
    The appearance of these astonishing new pathogens, like the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19, 
    is nothing other than the result of the destruction of the ecosystems, 
    from which suffer in particular the tropical zones,
     where they are destroyed to make make way for intensive industrial monocultures. 
    The emergence of these diseases also stems from the manipulation and trafficking of wild flora 
    and fauna, which are often threatened with extinction.
    The disastrous mutilation of nature by man
    Do not blame bats, mosquitoes, mice or pangolins. No,
     the problem comes from what we do to their ecosystems, it is linked 
    to the fact that we regroup and manipulate them in artificial environments.
    This is the real recipe for coronavirus, 
    which is likely to be the source of a global recession. In other words, 
    mutilating ecosystems is very expensive.
    So the Covid- 19 Is a form of revenge for what we do every day to nature, 
    and to the environment, not only polluting the atmosphere and / or making species disappear, 
    but also by manipulation not responsible for the ecosystems that surround us, 
    by exploiting them without any study or conscience (Economy first).

    So it is taking shape, concretely that the cause of the proliferation of viruses,
     is our unconsciousness to manage the problems of the planet or rather to manage our behavior 
    on our house earth!
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