Sea worms to treat Covid-19

 Sea worms to treat Covid-19

    In 2017, French researchers proposed a remedy to stabilize the brain edemas of soldiers victims of an explosion - the leading cause of death for American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. French researchers signed a research partnership with the United States Navy and received the Creative Next award on February 8, which rewards French entrepreneurs in the United States. In 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, the same researchers returned with a miracle solution via a sea worm!

    How? His work focuses on a worm native to the French coast and appreciated by anglers: the arenicole (Arenicola marina in Latin, buzuc in Breton). Thanks to its hemoglobin, this invertebrate which lives in the sand of the beach at the rhythm of the tides is able to breathe in air as in water.
    "Oxygen is life," says Franck Zal. The blood carries oxygen and irrigates the organs. In humans, oxygen is carried by the hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. In the arenicola, on the other hand, hemoglobin is dissolved in the blood. At high tide, the worm stores the oxygen in seawater and uses this reserve at low tide. The worm's hemoglobin does not contain the red blood cells that give blood to human blood, but its structure is "almost similar" to human hemoglobin.

    A universal and easily transportable blood substitute Hemarina is currently working on the development of a universal blood substitute based on arenicole blood. "This molecule can be transfused without worrying about the victim's blood group," notes Franck Zal. This "strategic" discovery caught the eye of the US Navy medical research center in Silver Spring, Maryland. 
    Trauma Medicine Specialist, "The U.S. Navy asked us to devise a way to oxygenate the brain of an injured soldier for an hour, "said Franck Zal. The timeframe is both the "golden hour" and the average transportation time of an injured person to a field hospital. The laboratory experiments are conclusive: mouse brains were kept alive for two and a half hours. 

    After conducting its own experiments in 2015, the U.S. Navy published such encouraging results in the Journal of Neurotrauma. "The molecule works very well," says Franck Zal.

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    The same laboratory by its famous director Franck ZAL returns with its sea worm Franck Zal, the CEO of Hemarina, has been multiplying for more than ten years studies and international patent filings to develop its oxygen transporters from hemoglobin of sea ​​worm, named arenicole. He even created a farm on the island of Noirmoutier in Vendée, in order to secure his supplies. Its Hemo2life molecule is used in particular for the oxygenation of kidney grafts before a transplant, which allows them to be preserved much longer.
    "As part of the Covid-19 epidemic, this same molecule must be able to help patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome - ARDS - knowing that it has an oxygen capacity 40 times greater than that of vertebrate hemoglobin ", Considers Franck Zal. In fact, Hemarina has shown that she is capable of delivering oxygen "to all levels of life".

    Another advantage of this molecule from the Hemarina technological platform M101: "Its size is 250 times smaller than a red blood cell, it can pass in places where circulation is reduced". In the most severe cases of Covid-19, this could prevent patients from suffocating due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

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